Hawaii weddings at Magic Island

Most of our Hawaii weddings are held during the weekdays. We offer several locations for our Hawaii weddings which are all public parks. We recommend having your weddings on weekdays instead of the weekend to avoid the weekend crowd. To have a serene and gentle atmosphere is difficult when there are many people. We try to find a quiet ideal spot, and during the weekend the choices are slim. We have beautiful Hawaii weddings with tradewinds, but it can be windy at times, so we recommend your hair with an updo. Of course we do weekend weddings, but try to limit it. The wedding of Rico Rodriguez and Soomin Im was at Ala Moana Magic Island on August 8, 2017. Magic Island (man made) with the historic Diamond Head as a background presents a scenic ocean background looking toward Waikiki. It is less windy then most beaches. Rico met Soomin in Korea when he was there. He is serving our country in the Marine Corp.  Soomin is the sweetest person.  The were both dressed business casual, she held a blue bouquet. Their mothers were there to support and bless their marriage. Our very simplest package of Hawaii weddings was chosen, nothing elaborate, just the minister who added his conch blowing as a symbol of a Hawaiian wedding. There were vows of commitment to love and care for each other always. The beautiful rings were blessed . Rico and Soomin each accepted the rings as a token of their love, Shell leis were exchanged.  Now we present the new Rico and Soomin, kissing for the first time as  husband and wife.  Best wishes and thank you for choosing us.



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