Hawaii weddings best of

Hawaii weddings on the beach, with the help of mother nature brings so many successful weddings. On March 5th 2015, a forecast of rain, however turned into a gorgeous day. For Tasha Redmond and Tyler White Hawaii weddings package chosen as  a simple wedding ceremony with a limousine ride, was fun for them. Their beautiful four children had so much fun being part of their ceremonial Hawaii weddings.  Greeted by Rev. Michael Nelson Tasha and Tyler looked radiant. What a very nice and handsome couple they are. A short walk thru the pathway to Kahala Beach, with a beautiful scenic ocean view. A Hawaiian wedding they will remember forever. This union was very special which involved the love between this couple as well as their combined children.  Rev. Mike (Hawaii weddings best) began the ceremony by sounding his conch shell. A welcome to celebrate the union of the couple as  well as their children.  A beautiful unity sand ceremony was performed with daughter, Clarisa participating. as Isabel, Alec and Christine watched.  A beautiful ceremony with some Hawaiian language incorporated. The wedding vows were precious, as they held hands looking into each others  eyes. The sounds of gentle waves washing up on the sandy beach. Rings of beauty were exchanged with son Alec participating. The traditional custom of Hawaii weddings are the floral lei exchange as a gift of love or Aloha. Beautiful words of love were spoken privately before they lei-d  each other with kisses on each cheek.  Rev. Mike formerly pronounced them the new Tasha and Tyler White..Many photos to cherish, memories of a very special day when two became one, then 2 became 6. Beautiful!!  Mahalo for choosing Hawaii and wedaloha.com . Among all the Hawaii weddings your family’s unity is a stand out. Aloha



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