Our Hawaii weddings forever magic at Waialae Beach

Magical forever Hawaii weddings at Waialae Beach Park.  A beautiful genteel morning started out with a rainbow above the Kahala area.  Waialae Beach or Kahala Beach is a perfect location for Hawaii weddings, right outside of Waikiki in the ritzy Kahala area near the Waialae Golf club and the Kahala Hotel. Several grassy areas are often used for weddings with a 8  minute walk  or  a vast sandy area away from the condo area, across the nearby bridge.  A beautiful panoramic view is the advantage if you choose to get married with your toes in the sand.  The Hawaii wedding ceremony of Marcus and Jasmine was October 26, 2018. As the exotic couple arrived by limousine,  they were met by members of A wedding in Hawaii and Reverend Michael Nelson. Every one of our Hawaii weddings begin with meeting the couple and their party at the location. Photographic and video coverage begin as they arrive, if your package has these features. Today is the special day at Waialae Beach for Marcus and Jasmine. Jasmine was so beautiful, wearing a chic white gown with a long soft rain held by her sister. Marcus was handsome in  a white outfit. A very handsome exotic looking couple. Mom was a exotic beauty in red.  Their friend (a couple) joined to give support. Marcus serves in the Marine corp, we thank him for that. They chose to proclaimed their love into marriage on the sandy area,  a serene morning  with gentle rolling waves off Kahala beach toward Koko head.  A quiet Ohana like Hawaiian wedding ceremony began with the sounding of the conch to welcome the occasion. Today they blend their lives together with the little one on the way. Together with the three of them together, they participated in the Hawaiian sand ceremony. The vows they gave to each other going into this union brought heartfelt emotions. Beautiful rings, blessings and the traditional lei exchange. The new Marcus and Jasmine will enjoy more then 100 pictures of their glorious day to remember and share with their loved ones. Congratulations and it was fun to share your day with you. Champagne ride on the limousine to celebrate. wedaloha thanks you.

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