Hawaii wedding part of a once in a lifetime dream

Hawaii weddings were recently written up as one of the top fifteen cities to avoid as destination weddings. The reason? High cost of averaging $39,000, of course this may include the flight and hotel cost. “Local” large weddings do cost that and more due to the the high cost of church fees and reception. But destination Hawaii wedding packages are mostly very economical since it involves only the wedding on the beach, not the reception. Yes, beautiful white sandy beaches, and blue/aqua Hawaiian ocean we provide free for your happiest day of your life. Life is not perfect, but we give you the best and true Aloha Spirit we can give. Our Hawaii wedding ceremonies are low keyed and based on small family (Ohana) style. We try our best to provide good energy and true Aloha spirit with positive attitude to each couple. We fell in love with a beautiful and sweet couple from Deutschland, Germany, Kerstin W. and David B. They took six months time off to fulfil their once in a lifetime dream. Traveling as fiances, through Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and the rest of Asia, on to Australia and New Zealand from December to March. They finally arrived in Hawaii in April, where their most important dream will celebrated. On April 6, 2018, at beautiful Magic Island, it was magical indeed. With Diamond head in the background with blue/aqua Pacific Ocean. A Hawaii wedding transformed into memories Kerstin and David will forever carry with them. As they exchanged rings, they will look at this ring they wear every day and remember this Hawaii wedding ceremony and it’s meaning. The new David and Kerstin will continue their journey of love, as husband and wife visiting the outer islands of Hawaii, go on Mexico, Ecuador and South America. A Hawaii wedding did not break the bank for them. A simple wedding, simply delightful. Congratulations and Mahalo for being such good people.


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