Hawaii weddings are family affair

Hawaii weddings involves many couples who have been married before and have children on both sides. Many want to have the children involved in the ceremony and it portrays the beauty of symbolizing Hawaii weddings, not to be only a marriage for the couple, but for the marriage of two families. This turned out to be a beautiful but emotional for Tricia and Ken of Clancy, Montana on July 23, 2017 at Kahala Beach. A beautiful family of six, including their three daughters and son combined, arrived via limousine at Waialae Beach Park. Tricia looked beautiful in creme colored gown, Ken also in a creme/tan colored outfit looked great. Their son handsomely dressed like Ken. The girls looked gorgeous in fashionable lime colored dresses. What a attractive family. Pink long stem roses for each girl, and red long stem roses for The bride. Plumeria hair flower for Tricia pinned by her daughter.  The wedding was held at the peninsula facing the ocean. Reverend Michael Nelson greeted them and prepped them for the processional and ceremony. A beautiful walk down the sandy beach began the journey  to Hawaii weddings to become a family in marriage. They set up their own music for the processional as well as mini video camera. As they proceeded to the altar, the blowing of the conch. The commitment vows to always love  and care for each other, the unity sand ceremony, ring exchange, and lei exchange. The most beautiful and emotional part was the lei giving to each of their children, then gifts of beautiful rings and each one of them. What a memorable ceremony this was for them, they will forever remember. Congratulations and Mahalo to the new Tricia and Ken and the new family of love.




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