Hawaii weddings at Waimanalo Bay Beach

Hawaii’s warm weather in February is such a welcome for Hawaii weddings on the beach. For Camille and Aaron, living in Canada (although on the Pacific Ocean side), Hawaii sounded like a plan. They chose the beautiful aura of Waimanalo Bay Beach since their vacation stay were in the surrounding areas for their many family members. Hawaii weddings in this area called Windward Oahu are color of lush greenery with the background of the Koolau Mountain range. The ocean contrast color or blue/green and the islands in the background. Beautiful couple, Camille and Aaron dressed in chicly styled ivory colored outfits, arrived with their beloved families eager to enjoy this very special day. The wedding of Camille and Aaron, on this beautiful Hawaiian day on February 9, 2018. Our Hawaii weddings at this location is usually held on the sandy beach with the gentle (today) waves washing up on the sandy beach. Gathering around our couple as a family style ceremony called Ohana is our style of Hawaii weddings. Bridesmaid and best man took their places near the minister. Reverend Michael Nelson, our charming minister began with the blowing of the conch shell announcing this important ceremony. Here comes the bride, her gorgeous bouquet in hand, escorted by her Dad, down the aisle to the smiling Aaron. Camille’s bouquet was handmade by love ones, which made it very special. The acceptance of commitment into marriage was affirmed followed by a unity sand ceremony to begin the mixing of their lives. A secular wedding service of beauty, vows of love, ring exchange and the traditional gift of Aloha offering.every Beautiful orchid leis with kisses on each cheek. The announcement everyone was waiting for. The new Aaron and Camille! Cheers, celebration at a Cafe to follow. Congratulations to a wonderful couple. Enjoy your many memorable pictures.


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