Hawaii weddings by Weddings in Hawaii

Hawaii weddings for those currently active serving our country, a thankful discount provided. Three memorable Hawaii weddings we high light here, from a simple wedding to  more specialty type of Hawaii weddings. A simple wedding, but with many of their love ones present was beautiful Megan and her handsome, army Nelson who is stationed in Hawaii. On July 14, 2017, Hawaii weddings performed at Waimanalo Bay Beach, affording a little extra fee for travel to the Windward side of Oahu. Stylish ivory colored wedding gown, a bouquet of silk flowers, pink, purple combination. Others wore shades of purple/maroon. Nelson in tan colored outfit with vest, others wore same type of outfits of different color. Their pretty little daughter was in frilly white. A beautiful simple wedding with their families present.  Wedding ceremonies were presented by Reverend Michael for all of the Hawaii weddings we high light here. On July 17, 2017 a Hawaii wedding with limousine service and video was chosen by Sherry and Tom, she is a nurse and Tom serves in the Air force in New York. Arriving on a limousine to Waimanalo Bay beach park, greeted by weddings in Hawaii photo/film crew. The handsome couple looked so radiantly happy. First thing they noticed was the gorgeous blue/green sparkling ocean on this sunny Hawaiian day. She looked radiant in a white wedding gown. We provided her with a french bouquet of mixture of white and green orchids with clusters of other white flowers. Very outgoing Tom looked super in tan. They will so enjoy their wedding day captured on video and pictures.  ” I will love you forever”  vow of love. They were so looking forward to champagne as they enjoy the scenic route of East Oahu, heading back to their hotel.

July 17, 2017 at Waialae Beach Park, the wedding ceremony of Kristie and Michael. All they wanted was a simple wedding in the sand.  They had a lot of fun with their love ones from afar and Hawaii. She looked beautiful in a chic styled tan dress and he was so comfortable is real Hawaiian style of shorts and Hawaiian Aloha shirt. What a wonderful down to earth couple.  Every wedding ceremony mentioned above enjoyed the ever memorable ceremonies and qualities of Hawaii weddings we provide. The conch shell, the unity sand ceremony, the commitment and marriage vows, the rings, the blessing and the traditional lei exchange.

Congratulations and Mahalo from A wedding in Hawaii to MEGAN & NELSON, SHERRY & TOM (thanks for serving). KRISTIE & MICHAEL, Aloha.


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