Intimate Hawaii weddings

Our Hawaii weddings with several wedding/vow renewal packages to choose from are basic packages, but can be changed to your desire, additions or substitutions. Casie and William from Tampa, Florida took the basic Plumeria package, but chose to add a video of the ceremony. A wise choice for the preservation of sweet memories of any destination Hawaii weddings. With the over hundred plus photographs to share with love ones, their video tape sent through electronically can be shared as well. Love was in the air on Friday July 21, 2017 at Kahala Beach. A calm late afternoon at the beach, walking hand and hand barefoot with soft waves between their toes, they strolled happily to become the new Casie and William. Our film crew capturing the preliminary actions before our Hawaii weddings are a norm for us. A video story like of a romantic wedding in Hawaii.  They are young and happy, pretty Casie in a bright orange dress with prints of assorted color. Very tall William looked comfortable in tan colored trousers and white shirt.  Reverend Michael Nelson, one of the most well known ministers with his Mr. Aloha persona, had fun getting acquainted with the excited couple.  Finding a grassy sport above the waves on the sand below, setting for a beautiful Hawaii wedding ceremony. William, would like to blow the conch? No was the response with laughter. Reverend Mike blew the conch and their Hawaii wedding ceremony began with all the Hawaiian wedding tradition. The new Casie and William committed and vowed to love each other forever, after performing the unity sand ceremony, the ring exchange and finally the traditional offering of the gift of Aloha (leis). Congratulations to a beautiful couple on a beautiful Hawaii wedding ceremony. Thank you so much for having us on this day.



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