Just the two of them Hawaii weddings

Getting married away from home can be a romantic and intimate one. Hawaii weddings, some like it elaborate but most of our couples love the “just the two of us” wedding ceremony. These Hawaiian wedding ceremonies or Hawaii vow renewals are small without anyone, but themselves, they are able to relax, no nervousness and enjoy their quiet intimate private moments. The beauty of it all is a cozy, romantic, intimate ceremony on the beach with the gentle waves washing up on the beach. During the weekdays is the best time to choose a quiet ceremony at the beach when there are few people on the beach. This is exactly what our sweet couple from Sheboygan, Wisconsin chose. On September 5th, 2017 Tuesday, the day after the busy labor day weekend, a perfect day. Tammy Yenger and Richard Platfoot arrived early excited for their special day. She was gorgeous in a off white satin gown, with the french bouquet highlighted with beautiful tropical flowers with white and lots of purple. Richard had a matching purple orchid bout on his shirt, he was smartly dressed in casuals,  Hawaii weddings for us we usually have a photo session after the ceremony, however in this case we did it before the wedding ceremony since they arrived early.  Hawaii weddings “just the two of them” began with our minister, Reverend Michael Nelson’s arrival. After having fun joking and getting acquainted we viewed the beauty of this Hawaiian day, it was so clear we could see the next two island on the horizon (Maui, Lanai), a perfect day for a romantic, intimate wedding. They set up a cell phone to transmit live,  so their love ones could watch the ceremony. It was a very romantic and intimate wedding ceremony with the conch shell blown by Rev. Mike, the unity sand ceremony followed by the vows and ring ceremony. Finally the blessing and exchange of leis with words for each other ” just between you and me”. Congratulations to the new Richard and Tammy Platfoot. This  beautiful couple will be celebrating their reception back home this weekend. Mahalo so much for having us. Aloha.


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