Love you always Hawaii wedding

“I will love you always” Hawaii wedding celebrated with family. Angelica Molina and Jorge Newton had us help them, to plan a memorable Hawaii wedding ceremony on the beach. Choosing a weekday August 11, 2017 at Kahala Beach was a wise decision since the weekends are very crowded at Oahu public beaches. The weather was super nice with beautiful ocean of blue, green color with sparkling waves. A little breezy but expected of a beach wedding.  Choosing a package with video and limousine service, a happy story of your wedding day, no stress finding parking space. Beautiful Angelica wearing a slim fitting chic wedding gown, Jorge in a  business suit, what a nice looking couple. Their two little girls so sweet in champagne colored dresses. Their Mom were beautiful in similar colored fashions. Dads, brother & niece so happily enjoying the Hawaii wedding day of Angelia and Jorge. As requested, a maile lei circle decorated the grassy alter.  Reverend Michael Nelson our most personable minister for our Hawaii weddings, guided the couple through the ceremony.  Blowing of the conch shell indicating for the bride escorted by Dad, to stroll down the aisle to meet her husband to be. Smiling, kisses, hugs and hand shake. Dad has given his consent, she is all yours now. After many years together, they will finally make it official. The vows to commit in engaging into this relationship called marriage was loud and clearly ” I  do!”  Proceeding to seal the mixing of lives, a unity sand ceremony was enjoyed. Their memories of the wedding ceremony are being taped and photographed live to share for years to come. The official marriage vows to each other to “forever love and care for each other” was a moment of emotion especially for their mothers. Rings were exchanged and blessings for the newlyweds were given.  The gift of Aloha (leis) were given. Now announcing the new Jorge and Angelica Molina. Congratulations, enjoy your celebration on the Star of the Sea dinner cruise. Mahalo for having us.

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