Love blossoms to marriage, Hawaii weddings

Our Hawaii weddings. Many of our couples say “we met on the internet!”.  It seems there are so may successful love stories like that. The opportunity to meet the right person seems to be greater away from the home areas. The right person is hard to find and there is a lot of luck involved, but it happens all the time on the internet. For Maria and Jerry, they talked and got to know each other for many months, finally they met and fell in love.  Hearing about Hawaii weddings on the beach, they got excited about planning their very special day. They chose July 28, 2017, a late afternoon wedding at Kahala Beach. They chose us to plan their wedding ceremony after finding us on the internet (of course) for Hawaii weddings. All they wanted was a small intimate wedding ceremony with a few friends. They did come to support them, from all over the U.S. She ordered a beautiful cascade bouquet made of many white orchids and bunches of other white flowers, highlighted by greens and purple orchids. Maria, beautiful in a fashionable  ivory colored dress, Jerry looked great in a tan outfit.A small bouquet was also ordered with lots of purple orchids so Maria would do the traditional toss the bouquet. Reverend Michael Nelson provided them with a memorable Hawaiian ceremony, opening with the blowing of the conch. The commitment to go into this marriage began with the participation of the unity sand ceremony, mixing of their lives from the past, the present and the future. Jerry intensely looked into Maria’s eyes as they held hands and promised to love each other forever. Hawaii weddings with our loving couple like these two, makes it all worth while for us.  Gorgeous rings were admired and twinkled in the sun having its own meaning for the couple. A blessing and a lei exchange finished the ceremony with the announcement of the new Maria and Jerry of Yuma, Arizona. Congrats and Mahalo for having us.

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