Our love grows for our couples of Hawaii weddings

We are honored to meet so many happy couples with dreams of Hawaii weddings dancing in their heads. As we plan their wedding and meet them, our family Ohana of loving couples grows, a wonderful feeling of happiness for us. Spreading the Aloha and happiness, is our goal always, aside from taking the stress away from planning a wedding from destination away. For this wedding, this wonderful delightful couple is from the bay area, San Jose to be specific. The most delightful, sweet, and joyful couple. We fell in love with their happy liveliness. So excited to experience the dream of Hawaii weddings on the beach. Sarah Hsiao-Yun Tseng and Paichun Chang, what beautiful names of the Orient. They chose Friday, September 1, 2017 as their date of happiness at one O’clock in the afternoon. A gorgeous time of the day at Kahala Beach, tide were rising, the waves were beginning to splash on the rocks. But the beach and blue waters were beautiful and inviting. They were escorted by their very nice friend from San Jose, to be their witness. Walking hand in hand they had a romantic stroll in the sand, as pictures were being captured. A beautiful portion of the Kahala Beach with palm trees and green grassy area will be the altar. Our minister Reverend Michael Nelson is one who creates a wonderful comfortable aura for the enjoyment of the ceremony. For Sarah and Paichun, who are already so happy and enthusiastic, they create their own Hawaiian aura of love. The sound of the conch, the sound of the waves in the back of them, the dream wedding ceremony begins. Uniting together with the Hawaiian sand ceremony smiling and reacting with such delight, ┬áTime came for the vows. Are you ready he asked, chuckling. Yes, with a laugh and the sweetness of Sarah. They were blessed after the vows, then exchanged rings and leis. They are now the new Paichun and Sarah Chang, the cutest and sweetest couple we have ever met. Sarah is a great poser for the photo session. ┬áCongratulations and thank you so much, hope to meet again someday. Aloha.



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