We love your Hawaii weddings

Planning of Hawaii weddings can be quite challenging from afar. We are here, as well as many others to help plan beautiful weddings for your special day. Enjoy your day with no stress on your wedding day. From small to more elaborate Hawaii weddings, the offer is there, no worries, no stress. Our weddings are intimate just the two of you or medium sized ones that most couples can afford. Our weddings are relaxed and stress free, our style is family style called “Ohana style”. Our crew are old timers working together like family for many years, two of us as planners, our minister, video guy, singer/ukulele, professional photographer, limo service. Many years of professional experience. Felicia and Jeff of Salem, Oregon chose a basic package, adding a ukulele/singer. With a monthly special the receive over hundred photos to enjoy.  It is July 23, 2017, a beautiful serene cool Hawaii morning  (9:00 am) at Waialae Beach Park. The spot chosen to hold the ceremony was on a sandy hill overlooking the vast beautiful blue/green ocean and Koko Head crater. Due to the size of their guest list.  The groom arrived first with his supportive guys dressed comfortable in casual dress for business in tan and white. As guest arrived gradually, Reverend Mike Nelson set the groom facing the ocean, and guest formed a line on each side of the aisle. Beautiful Felicia arrived with her immediate love ones met by melodies of Hawaii on ukulele, and Reverend Mike. At the altar Jeff waited and at the sounding of the conch, he turned to hear the Hawaiian wedding song to watch his bride being escorted by her Dad to receive the kisses and handshake from Dad.  A beautiful memorable Hawaiian wedding,ceremony, so serene and filled with love. After taking their vows, a love song was dedicated to the new Jeff and Felicia. As they were announced as husband and wife, a crowd of Hawaiian cheers with a long kiss by the beautiful couple. They will celebrate this day with a breakfast celebration. Mahalo, Felicia and Jeff for having us support your day. Aloha and congratulations.


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