Magic of Hawaiian rainbow brightens Hawaii vow renewal

From all over the world you hear stories of how wonderful a Hawaii vow renewal has left a lasting impressing on them and their marriage. It is just a nice thing to do. There are no rules to when but many choose anniversary dates to renew their vows. Popular Hawaii vow renewals happen in the summer time. Choosing the fifth, tenth, twenty fifth and fifty years are are very popular and traditional. But the concept of “JUST BECAUSE”  anytime, is to us a simply delightful idea. Hawaii vow renewal ceremonies becomes a family affair, including children, grandchildren, etc. That is why the summer months are very popular. Instead of spending money for a large party on important anniversaries, spend it for a trip to Hawaii and have  a vow renewal in Hawaii.  A family reunion, a vow renewal, a vacation enjoying Hawaii together can be combined to  become a lifetime of memories. Today, October 26, 2018 we have a family of three, life together for six years total, enjoying a renewal of vows at Waialae beach Park. There were rainbows in the morning at the beach but just before the wedding, there were several appearances of bright rainbows. A lucky omen, so magical. Limousine service brought Cammie with friends, Clayton arrived with his little son before the limousine arrived. Cammie wore a white strapless gown with a ginger lei.  As she stepped out of the limousine she was serenaded by our ukulele player. Clayton greeted her wearing black suit and red tie matching his son.  Pink blossoms of petals were scattered on the ground.  The conch, opening their Hawaiian vow renewal ceremony, then the Hawaiian wedding song by the singer as the rainbow faded into the atmosphere.  Our Hawaiian sand ceremony perfectly new to their experience. Our Hawaiian sand ceremony is created to be  very simple but beautiful, includes words of it’s meaning and  begin their life together. In this case, the continuous life together. Blessings with some mist from the Hawaiian skies. Floral leis to seal their renewed vows to each other as they go forward. Congratulations, enjoy your celebration at Roy’s Restaurant. Mahalo for sharing your special day with us.

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