Memorable, beautiful Hawaii weddings at Hawaii beach locations

Do not stress out, please leave it to the Hawaii wedding professionals, your Hawaii weddings and Hawaii vow renewals are better off handled by Hawaii wedding planners who live in Hawaii. With many years of experience and knowledge of the islands, the planners will take your stress away, just give your trust to them. Is the cost t” factor. For our gorgeous bride Linda from Illinois it was well worth the relaxed and beautiful outcome of her and Austin’s wedding day. With the Paradise package, they chose to add their desired goodies of Hawaii weddings. A harp player with beautiful music in the Hawaiian air for elegance. Fragrant Maile lei entwined with sweet smelling pikake. Extra stretch limousine for many love ones. All this elegance added to the professional photographs and video to the wedding, creating Hawaii weddings with the Waialae-Kahala location on the peninsula. The theme color was blue or aqua for the Hawaii wedding of Austin and Linda on May 3, 2018, a serene day, on the south shores of Oahu near the Kahala hotel. Arrival of the limousines with the bride and love ones. Many love ones gathered The line up for the arrival dressed in shades of blue to welcome the bridal party down the pathway. Reverend Michael blew the conch for the entrance of Linda’s Mom beautifully dressed in yellow carrying yellow plumeria leis. A grand entrance with the second conch blowing, beautiful harp music with the Hawaiian wedding song in the newl air, the gorgeous happy bride escorted by her father in full military uniform. Giving of the bride to handsome Austin wearing a Maile/pikake lei. Happiness, smiles they held hands and locked eyes. The french bouquet was white-ivory orchids with tinge of yellow/green. A Hawaiian wedding ceremony so beautiful with a gift of love, yellow plumeria lei exchange. They are now the new Austin and Linda. suddenly something magical happened. Skools of tiny fishes jumping in the air several times, making a circle through out the water behind the newly wed couple. Did the sound waves of the harp trigger this occurrence? Congratulations, and Mahalo for having us. By the way, Mom caught the bouquet! Next Hawaii weddings anyone?

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