Memories of destination Hawaii weddings

Hawaii weddings for international couples covers more preparation and care being that they are so far away and communication are critical. The English language may be sometimes limited for some couples, but most time as long as everything is specified on paper or e mail, every one understands. In all the years of planning Hawaii weddings, we never seen a bride with the most colorful, beautiful wedding dress then beautiful Nancy Shehata wore on her wedding day, July 27, 2017. She is a Egyptian beauty and her husband to be, Fabian Bortfeldt is a handsome German. They arrived at Waimanalo Bay Beach on limousine greeted by ukulele singer, our photo/video crew and minister. Her gown with  huge billowing skirt of dark and light pink, purple and pinkish/orange designs and other colors, was purchased in Egypt. A french bouquet of matching colors of purple and white/pink.  The beauty of Egypt, and Fabian a handsome German gent in his light colored tux. A .beautiful couple. Along with them were the brides parents and two beautiful sisters. Colorful Hawaiian haku head leis for the ladies of Hawaii weddings. The colorful haku flowers were a perfect match for the lavish wedding gown. With the beautiful aura of early Hawaiian afternoon at Waimanalo Bay Beach, the sparkling blue/green ocean beckoned. Reverend Michael Nelson provided the blowing of the conch as the ceremony began with cameras rolling to document the international union of Nancy and Fabian. The Hawaiian wedding song with ukulele and the voice of Hawaii as Dad escorted Nancy down the aisle. Kisses and hugs for both. Consent of entering into vows of marriage. They were delighted to perform, a unity sand ceremony. The romantic vows of promise, the beauty and love sparkling from the ring. The exchange of leis as the gift of Aloha as they were pronounced the NEW NANCY AND FABIAN. Congratulations to a wonderful happy couple.. Enjoy your memories on video and photos, Mahalo for having us.

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