Memories of Hawaii weddings

They got married!! A beautiful Hawaiian day at Kahala Beach a central Hawaii weddings location in east Honolulu. August 4, 2017 was the special day for Glorianna Myers and Chris O’Neil of Murieta, California. There were many relatives and guests to arrive gradually at the location. This beautiful couple arrived, just the two of them in the limousine, so romantic. Very stylishly dressed and feeling comfortable and summery. A beautiful colorful haku head lei for Glorianna, what a beautiful bride, like a Hawaiian princess. The flower ornament meant for behind her ear was used for a boutonniere instead for Chris. The haku was beautiful enough for her head wear.  They meet the Reverend Michael Nelson, who marries many couples enjoying their Hawaii weddings, and will be performing their ceremony. Strolling hand in hand, down the sandy beach of Kahala, romantic stroll with the beautiful wide open  view of the ocean, with the tide rising.  We chose a grassy knoll right above the mediocre sized waves crashing on the sand and banks of the knoll.  Their beautiful little daughter arrived with some other love ones and the Hawaiian ceremony commenced with the blowing of the conch by Reverend Mike.  In ancient Hawaiian tradition, a conch is sounded to indicate that an important event was about to happen. The marriage of Glorianna and Chris, is one of many Hawaii weddings all over Hawaii today. However, this very moment is only theirs as their daughter stood by holding their beautiful rings  Love ones standing close by in loving support. The commitment and promise to enter into marriage was acknowledged. With the traditional unity sand ceremony to blend their lives together toward a family with their beloved daughter. The marriage vows so beautiful and loving as they faced each other holding hands. Blessing the rings before the exchange. Lei exchange with kisses to finalize the Hawaiian ceremony. Presentation of flower lei to their daughter bringing tears of joy. Pronouncing the couple as husband and wife, the love ones said they will to bless the new Glorianna and Chris O’Neil. Many more joined the group as the ceremony progressed. Congratulations and mahalo for having us on your special day.  A ride in the limousine awaited. Enjoy your time in Hawaii.  Aloha

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