Ohana family style Hawaii weddings

It is one of the busiest day of the year 2017, for Hawaii weddings, July 7, 2017 (7/7/17). Probably the easiest to remember as a anniversary date. They finally did it, as their Mom said. Jaime Valenzuela and Sergio Perez have been happily together for many years. They have a beautiful family of two boys and two girls, all with very awesome curly black hair. Beautiful Jaime dressed in white gown holding a gorgeous handmade bouquet, Sergio looked real cool, spotting a fragrant Maile lei. All the children looked so cute in white. Mom was there caring for the couple’s little one. Her other grown children also were there to support their Aunty and Uncle getting married. Our Hawaii weddings are performed Ohana style, meaning family get together in a group in a relaxed style. The arches and chairs on the sand that you see used by some wedding planners are not legal. However, It is legal in the park on the grass and tree line, but not on the sand. The wedding of Jaime and Sergio begins on the sandy dunes of Waialae Beach which is a bit breezy. The grassy wedding sites across the way are filled with weddings in progress. The problem is this is 7/7/17, a popular week day. Today is Jaime’s and Sergio’s special day and Reverend Michael Nelson provided them with a memorable Hawaiian ceremony they forever remember. With their children there, it was such a wonderful family affair. They will enjoy the Paradise Cove luau together. Congratulations, friends and ┬áMahalo for choosing us.



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