Our Hawaii weddings for those serving our country

Hawaii is fortunate to have so many military bases and services.  Hawaii weddings are one of the most precious and treasured times for these loving couples who are apart most of the time. Many couples decide to have Hawaii weddings so they can carry on their loving memories as they travel to different bases. Many get married before deployment, but many have their spouse to be fly over, have the wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii. In the years past we have enjoyed meeting so many of our men and women serving our country and had the joy of planning their weddings. Most of these were from the Marine corp branch of service. Johnnie Stubbs is a proud US marine stationed in Hawaii, and will be transferred after Christmas to another base with his wife.  His bride to be beautiful smiling Kristen Amato ran away from the Hurricane in Florida to be with him. Thus, Hawaii weddings on the beach. Of course when he planned this beautiful event, they did not expect Hurricane Irma. The love story of our Hawaii wedding ceremony Kirsten and Johnnie begins on September 14, 2017. They arrived early to Waialae Beach Park to change to their attire fit for Hawaii weddings. She is gorgeous with such beautiful smile, simply elegant in classy white dress, smartly wearing slippers to walk in the sand. He is very handsome in his dress Marine Corp uniform. What a beautiful bridal couple. Meeting our minister the Reverend Michael Nelson with the handshakes of Aloha.  A beautiful serene day for their wedding at Kahala Beach. We walk ahead as Kirsten and Johnnie held hands walking on the sand with photographer being taken as they romantically walk toward the gassy beach altar site. Intimate, serene aura and romantic wedding ceremony started with the announcement of Hawaii weddings. The call of the conch, the wedding of the Johnnie & Kirsten, a new beginning. The unity sand ceremony and the lei giving were a compliment to their beautiful wedding vows spoken over the gentle sounds of the wave. The newlyweds will enjoy the awesome memories helped by the many pictures of beauty of their wedding of Thursday, Sept. 14, 2017 at Kahala Beach. Congratulations! Mahalo for having us on your special day, and Johnnie thank you for serving our country. Have a fantastic life together. Aloha.


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