Planning of Oahu Hawaii weddings

Friendship developed into Love, she said “yes”. ¬†Hawaii weddings in the plan for the special day, since Dad is working in Oahu for a while. Finding Hawaii wedding planners on the internet was easy, however which one to choose? She poured over many sites and after continuous pouring over our Hawaii weddings web site she decided on our service. The prices were right, she could see how we look like (many web sites do not show photos of the planners), she could see a sample of how the ceremony is structured, the location we provide. The gathering of family, a quiet private ceremony, fun and happiness is the aura we create for our Hawaii weddings. The wedding of Brittany and Ethan was held at Waimanalo Bay Beach which she chose for the beauty of the mile long beach with white sand and turquoise water of the Pacific ocean. Also a plus, the beauty of the woods of Sherwood Forest for intimate photo opportunity. On July 3, 2017 the everloving beautiful Brittany dressed in a flowing white wedding gown, happily smiled at Ethan her soon husband to be. Orange was the color for her tiara and bouquet. Ethan so handsome in casual shorts and white shirt, identical look alike outfit for little man Dexton, their son who was the ring bearer. Along to support Brittany and Ethan were loved one, Mom, Dad, sister and brother. Hawaii weddings on the beach on a holiday is not a good idea. Today being the day before the 4th of July, we will have a quiet serene ceremony. A memorable ceremony by Reverend Michael Nelson was enjoyed with love, laughter, joking with loved ones. Beautiful pictures that will be reminders of their very special day for years of joy. The union of Brittany and Ethan Christina, with Aloha, this day July 3rd, 2017. Congratulations and Mahalo from A wedding in Hawaii.

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