Rainbows over Hawaii weddings

Filled with love and compassion, our same se Hawaii weddings are gaining momentum  bringing magical and romantic ceremonies mixed to create one rainbow enchantment. Two become one. Before the legalizing of same sex marriage we enjoyed providing Rainbow Hawaii weddings as a civil wedding ceremonies. Today, our Hawaii weddings of the same sex are, completement as the same ceremony style for all.  With elegance and style, Akiiki ad William from Alabama enjoyed a relaxing Hawaii weddings of love and Aloha on August 18, 2018. The venue was held on the sand dunes of Waialae Beach on a beautiful sunny tradewind day with the panoramic view of the blue ocean with the view of Koko head, East Honolulu. Arriving in style on a white limousine together with their four best friends, serenaded by ukulele Hawaiian music. Yes, they were greeted by the Reverend Kermit, and our photographic/video crew catching every moment of Akiiki and Williams special day. Gifts of Aloha, black kukui nut leis were given to their friends. The happy couple  stylishly dressed in light blue suits, looking so happy and excited.  Our Hawaii weddings always begin with the blowing of the conch by the minister. Announcement of something very important was about to happen. The wedding of Akiiki and William. The happy couple participated in the sand ceremony to mix their lives into one. Beautiful blessing and giving of the rings. Giving each other their promise of marriage vows, so loving and sweet. The gift of Aloha, beautiful thick white double orchid leis sealed their union. Two became one. The new William and Akiiki. Congratulations and Mahalo to our new Hawaii wedding Ohana. (“Thank  you for the amazing experience” from Akiiki and William.)


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