Beautiful, Romantic Oahu beach weddings

Oahu beach weddings are very popular with couples from the West Coast. Air fares are affordable just over the Pacific Ocean and couples tend to bring their parents or loved ones to support them on their special day. Their parents usually return home before them, but the love birds spend their honeymoon basking in the Hawaiian sun. Love between this couple is so great, their eyes were glued to each other. Jessica and Bailey fell in love and life was full of happiness, everything is rosy when love is there. Getting engaged was exciting, planning to get married in Hawaii was even more exciting. Jessica and Bailey are very close to Bailey’s Mom and Dad. They all decided to come to Hawaii spreading the joy of Oahu beach weddings. Jessica chose our Hawaii wedding location at the beautiful Waimanalo Bay Beach with the ironwood tree in Sherwood forest. The woods with tiny pinecones reminded her home state of Florida. It was a beautiful sunny day on May 31, 2018, the last day of May 2018. Oahu beach weddings are the only wedding planning we offer, no other islands. Jessica and Bailey were comfortably dressed casuals and enjoying the experience of the aura in Hawaii. They love this beach so much that they will return to have a picnic some other day. Reverend Mike Nelson started the ceremony with the giving of leis to the parents. A dark brown kukui nut lei for Dad, and a beautiful purple orchid lei for Mom. A Hawaiian wedding ceremony, the memories will be a forever ever after for the new Bailey and Jessica. Congratulations, enjoy your luau celebration. Aloha.

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