She said yes, check out Hawaii weddings

The rewards of planning destination Hawaii weddings are bottomless, the happy memories are, forever for the couple as well as for us. We meet so many people from all over the United States and the world. Every one have different stories about them, and most are so very nice in nature. The beauty of out relationship is the trust established even before we meet. Communicating from far away to establish trust may be difficult, but the Aloha style of Hawaii do help. The best idea is to check a company out with the Hawaii Business Bureau for business reputation. A connection in personality with a planner is very important. Hawaii weddings on the beach with a Hawaiian honeymoon is ideal for any couples of all ages. There is so much to see and do just on one island. Having a wedding at home can cost a average of $30,000, but you can enjoy both your wedding and honeymoon for half that price. We met this loveable couple from Chesapeake, Virginia on February 12, 2018 at their chosen Hawaii beach wedding site. Working with them was very pleasant via e-mail and phone. Indeed it was a pleasure to help them plan a memorable Hawaiian wedding experience. On their wedding day, being super excited, they arrived real early at Waialae Beach Park. Odilia and Marlon have been together for nearly thirteen years, he finally asked and she said yes. A love story thirteen years in the making, a wedding in Hawaii with plus one on the way. What a sweet story, many couples like Odilia and Marlon make our hearts swell with joy. She looked beautiful in a white dress, she did her own hair and makeup to perfection. We added to complete her ensemble, a beautiful pink/red french bouquet. He looked fantastic in black suit and tie of red/pink shade. A boutonniere of pink/white rose completes his attire. Reverend Michael Nelson leads the way to our bridal altar at Kahala Beach. The memories of the wedding of Marlon and Odilia this beautiful Hawaiian day. The sound of conch shell, followed by words of welcome and congratulations in Hawaiian by Reverend Mike. Traditional unity sand ceremony to begin mixing of their lives, their vows and commitment to love each other always, blessings and exchange of rings, and the final traditional Hawaiian custom of offering leis to each other. We provide two beautiful white orchid leis for this ceremony. With kisses on each cheek we congratulate the new Marlon and Odilia. We enjoyed being with you on this special day, thank you so much for sharing. Congratulations.

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