Simply Hawaii weddings

Moving to Hawaii and starting a new life, dreams of Hawaii weddings on the beach? Of course you can.  That is what happened to Kristie Green and Ash Gupta.  A very simple wedding called Magic at Magic Island in Honolulu, united their lives together on March 20, 2015. Spending a lot of money on Hawaii weddings of any kind was out of the question for them since moving expenses are expensive.  A small affordable wedding will unite them and also they can enjoy the Hawaiian style of a wedding ceremony.  This was a beautiful morning, as usual surf was up, Diamond Head beckoned to the south, beautiful ocean and sky toward the west.  Rev. Karen Mak presented them with a beautiful ceremony, the marriage vows holding hands looking at each others eyes, so very sweet.  The gift of love, beautiful white shell leis were exchanged. All Hawaii weddings on the beach, traditionally include the lei exchange ceremony, no matter how simple the ceremonies are.  The official signing of the marriage certificate was performed and they get to take home the decorative one presented by Rev. Mak.    Photos taken of the wedding, as well as wedding portraits can be downloaded and shared with their friends. Rev. Karen now presents to you the new Kristie and Ash Gupta.  The new Hawaii residents are now united together to begin their new life in Hawaii.  Dreams do come true, Hawaii weddings, and actually living and working in Hawaii.  Congratulations from A wedding in Hawaii at  We enjoyed creating happiness in your new home. “Relax with Hawaii weddings, with no stress”

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