Surprise Hawaii vow renewal for wife

There are many Hawaii vow renewal ceremonies planned as a surprise for their spouse. Fortunately all turned out beautiful and everyone was happy. Giving a great deal of credit to husbands who have successfully planned these occasions without somehow finding out about the secret. Best not to tell the children about it, keep it to yourself and your Hawaii vow renewal planner. We are very good at this with a lot of experience. Andrae and Monique married for ten years, were deciding to spend vacation time with their two daughters in Hawaii. Secretly, Andrae wished to present his wife with a anniversary gift to celebrate their wedded bliss of ten years. This gift was to have a Hawaii vow renewal ceremony on the beach on Oahu. Keeping it a secret was a little difficult since he planned the day for the family for the day and Monique may have other ideas. Anyway, they got here from Fresno, California the day before the scheduled date at Waialae Beach. It was July 12, 2018, a kind of high King tide day, some sunshine but with dark clouds out at sea, indicating rain out there. Being a Saturday, parking lot was full, and Andrae had to park on the street. A beautiful family dressed in Aloha wear except for Monique who looked lovely in dress of ivory color. Their two daughters were going to participate in the sand ceremony and acceptance of a gift of Aloha. But first of all, Monique had no clue of the ceremony. Reverend Michael broked the news that he was there to renew their vows. She was surprised but game. Now the secret was out and their Hawaii vow renewal ceremony will begin. They will cherish forever the experience of getting married again with emotion and tears of happiness. The memories of their original wedding day brought tears.

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