Affordable Hawaii Weddings, Oahu

10/11/12 (many couples chose this date to wed). So did Brandy McCombs & Craig McElmurry of Sutherlin, Oregon. What a beautiful couple! Brandy looked gorgeous with ivory colored gown (with a train), very attractive with beautiful makeup and hair. Handsome Craig happily smiling, wore Khaki pants and white shirt.
They arrived early, staying at the Hawaii Prince Hotel, so we got to know each other a little better. They are such very nice people. They are both in sales and with their personalities, they are great in what they do. Rev. Mike Nelson arrived greeting them with a big Aloha. With the nice weather, a very nice area was chosen for their special day. Beautiful ocean, waves about 2-4 feet, white waves, what a sight! Rev Mike pronounced them Mr. & Mrs. Craig McElmurry married on the unforgettable date of 10-11-12! Beautiful orchid leis of Aloha were exchanged, a kiss on each cheek, then a long sweet, loving kiss to seal their vows. They did it! Beautiful Hawaiian wedding ceremony, Rev. Mike. Many beautiful images, portraits were captured for their memory album. Congratulations, guys, it was great meeting you. We hope we made your special day to remember forever. Aloha and thanks for choosing Hawaii.

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