Beautiful Hawaii Wedding

Nov. 2, 2012, another beautiful wedding day at Waialae Beach! What a nice couple! Stephanie Judge and Bill Cripe of Carmel, Indiana decided to get married in Hawaii and honeymoon visiting the different islands. This is the first trip to Hawaii for both. Pretty
Stephanie dressed in white skirt and printed top, was so enthusiastic, clutching her tropical bouquet. Bill looked great in his black suit and aqua shirt. Rev. Mike Nelson, greeted them with lots of Aloha. A very special wedding vows, beautifully led by Rev Mike.
A very serene and beautiful sight on the sands of Waialae Beach.
Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Bill Cripe, you have many photo images to take home with you to remember your very special day.
They celebrated by having a romantic dinner (French) at Michelle’s of Waikiki. We hope you did get to meet our harpist (Sherene Taba) who performs at Michelle’s. Enjoy the island of Maui and return safely to Oahu before going home to Indiana. Mahalo so very much for putting your trust in us (being so far away) to make your special day a precious one. Aloha!

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