Hawaiian wedding ceremony

Oct 19, 2012, a beautiful wedding ceremony for Lynelle Costanios and Keala Noda. Lynelle & Keala are local, from the Ewa side of Oahu. What a handsome couple, so very nice and sweet. Rev. Kimo Taylor guided Keala & his best man to the ceremony area so he could not see the bride when she arrived on the limo. Beautiful Lynelle, her gown was gorgeous and sexy, her french bouquet was a perfect match for her gown ( cream white roses, white orchids, with a slight tinge of light pink/purple tiny flowers). Their parents,
relatives & friends were there to congratulate them. Their cute little girl was the flower girl, along with the ring bearer. Dad walked Lynette down the aisle and presented her to Keala for the family. A beautiful ceremony, with their own vows, performed by the Rev. Kimo Taylor. Waialae Beach was so serene, sunny, and beautiful with the waves washing up on the sand near by. Rev Kimo blew his conch shell as Mr. & Mrs. Keala gave each other a long kiss. Many photo images, and video were captured. Arrival of the limo, the wedding ceremony, portraits and love story captured for their special day. Keala is a police officer in Oahu, Ewa district.
Congratulations, guys! Thank you so much for having us on your very special day. We will see you when you get back from vacation. The new, Mr. & Mrs. Keala Noda!

Destination Hawaii Weddings

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Hawaii wedding photography

Oct 17, 2012 Australia to Hawaii, a wedding ceremony at Waialae Beach for Kelly Wales & Jonathan Murphy. Arriving separately on couple of limousines, the groom went ahead to the wedding site with his wedding party led by the Rev. Kimo Taylor. There were about 18 of their relatives and friends to support them. The bride followed (hidden from Jonathan) with her parents. Kelly was beautiful in her flowing gown. Rev. Kimo performed a Hawaiian wedding ceremony with a traditional exchanging of leis of Aloha.

Blessing of the ring and the couple in English & Hawaiian. A beautiful ceremony ending with the couple kissing, with the sound of conch shell blowing by the Rev. A lot of images were captured for their memory book to take home to Australia. Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Murphy. Off to Germaine’s luau tonite to celebrate! Aloha & Mahalo!

Destination Weddings Hawaii

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All inclusive Hawaii wedding packages

Oct 16, 2012, “AT LAST” (recall that song?), the special day has arrived for Kerri Flanagan & Chuck Smith. It is Kerri’s birthday and wedding day. What a gentle & beautiful day it was at Waialae Beach, Kerri has been dreaming about this moment for a while. A dream come true, that Kerri & Chuck will remember always. As Kerri stepped out of the limousine she looked gorgeous with that special smile of hers. Beautiful bride dressed in a long layered silky cream colored dress, hair & makeup done by Beverly. (Of course Beverly always incorporates tropical flowers in the hair). Chuck, handsome in white shirt, both of them look so calm and happy!
Along with them were wonderful friends to give them support. The Rev. Kimo Taylor walked up to meet them, and along side the guitar music of Derrick, softly flowing. Kerri’s tear drop bouquet was beautiful with red & cream colored roses, orchids, greens. Matching french bouquet (very chic) for the bride’s maid. As we walked to the wedding sight, the beauty of the day were being captured on video and photo images. A serene day with the beauty of the sand, beach, waves and peninsula near by. Rev. Kimo started the ceremony with music and singing of the Hawaiian wedding song, followed by a Hawaiian ceremony & blessing. A ceremony with their “special vows to each other” will be forever documented on video. A special song was dedicated to the couple. Than, a double orchid lei exchange, lei of Aloha was performed were music in the background playing “for you a lei” with the couple kissing each other on both cheeks. A beautiful conch shell sounding by the Rev Kimo, a long kiss and presenting the new Mr. & Mrs. Charles Smith. A wonderful ceremony for such a nice and handsome couple. Many photos and video during and after the ceremony will memories of their special day. By the way, a Happy Birthday music/singing by Derrick in honor of Kerri’s birthday. The very happy couple, pictures taken with their limo, then champagne in the limo, off they went. To celebrate, off to the luau at the Paradise Cove. Congratulations, guys! We really enjoyed meeting you and help your dream to come true. We hope you enjoyed everything. Have fun on the North Shore, catch some waves for us. Mahalo!

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Beach Weddings Hawaii

Oct 13, 2012 White/Araujo wedding on the Peninsula at Waialae Beach near the Kahala Hotel. Michelle White and Thomas Araujo are from the bay area in Hayward, California. Thomas and his guys arrived extremely early and anxiously waited for the bride and bridal party to arrive. Although the arrival got delayed, it was a beautiful ceremony, enjoyed by the many relatives/friends. Many precious images were captured. The bridal party all received white orchid leis (8), with Michelle having a french bouquet of red roses, and Thomas with a beautiful maile lei. Our Rev. Mike Nelson, as usual provided them with a personal Hawaiian ceremony with Aloha. Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Araujo!..Mahalo and Aloha!

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Affordable Hawaii Weddings, Oahu

10/11/12 (many couples chose this date to wed). So did Brandy McCombs & Craig McElmurry of Sutherlin, Oregon. What a beautiful couple! Brandy looked gorgeous with ivory colored gown (with a train), very attractive with beautiful makeup and hair. Handsome Craig happily smiling, wore Khaki pants and white shirt.
They arrived early, staying at the Hawaii Prince Hotel, so we got to know each other a little better. They are such very nice people. They are both in sales and with their personalities, they are great in what they do. Rev. Mike Nelson arrived greeting them with a big Aloha. With the nice weather, a very nice area was chosen for their special day. Beautiful ocean, waves about 2-4 feet, white waves, what a sight! Rev Mike pronounced them Mr. & Mrs. Craig McElmurry married on the unforgettable date of 10-11-12! Beautiful orchid leis of Aloha were exchanged, a kiss on each cheek, then a long sweet, loving kiss to seal their vows. They did it! Beautiful Hawaiian wedding ceremony, Rev. Mike. Many beautiful images, portraits were captured for their memory album. Congratulations, guys, it was great meeting you. We hope we made your special day to remember forever. Aloha and thanks for choosing Hawaii.

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