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Feb 6, 2013, the day is finally here for their very special wedding vows to each other!  Here comes the limousine with driver, Alton at the wheels!  Out jumps Robin and Mike, (beaming) along with couple of their very good friends.  Today, at Kahala Beach, Robin Breedlove  will become the loving wife of Michaey l Thomas.  Beautiful Robins looks so pretty in her Hawaiian printed sun dress (black/dark blue), and Mike is handsome in his black shirt.  They look cool! Rev. Michael Nelson greets them with much Aloha.  A beautiful  sunny day, a little cloudy, calm waters looking out toward Kokohead crater.  A serene spot next to the beach (like a little island of their own) makes a perfect spot for the ceremony. A very special ceremony by Rev. Mike, incorporating the wedding vows written by the couple for each other.  A very nice and emotional moment for them.  Tears of happiness flowed freely.  The blessing of the rings, and the marriage were beautiful, followed by lei exchanges (kisses of each cheek). Presenting Mr. & Mrs. Michael Thomas. Congratulations!  Of course they had to be made legally married, signing of the the marriage license, the keepsake wedding certificate.  Photos, photos galore.  After the ceremony, a little sprinkle of rain for good luck, we call it pineapple juice. Robin is A FB friend of ours.Thank you so much for sharing your special day with us.  We really enjoyed meeting you both and your friends.  By the way, they went to Germaine’s Luau to celebrate with their friends.  A limo ride back to the hotel sipping champagne was refreshing, I bet.  Mahalo  have a safe trip home to Bakersville, California and please visit us again someday.


Robin wrote: It was such a wonderful day!  Brought tears to my eyes just reading this (above facebook page) Thank you for making this our wedding exceptional.

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Weddings Hawaii

January is generally a slow month for Hawaii beach weddings, however, it is a very good booking month. We appreciate all of you who has booked with us in the new year. Thank you so much for all who have been to our site and have shown interest. We continue to give everyone (equally) our best service that we can provide. Mahalo for your trust in us. For those excited couples who are scheduled to get married soon, we look forward to meeting you. Aloha!

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