Wedding vow renewals in Hawaii

Hawaii vow renewals in Oahu are romantic, full of meaning, and family closeness/fun time. After 13 years, Rose & Jerrine decided to bring their kids for a vacation and have a Wedding vow renewal in Hawaii. They has a traditional Catholic wedding in India arranged by their family, and wanted to celebrate by having ceremony like traditional Hawaii weddings sprinkled with some Christianity. They celebrated a beautiful ceremony, by Rev. Karen Mak, with daughter, Emily, do a reading, and son, Danny, close by. The words they shared were more meaningful today then 13 years ago when they were so young.  The original rings were blessed again and exchanged. The beauty of the bracelet given to Rose was the highlight; purple flower leis matching Rose’s purple dress were exchanged. The signing of the marriage certificate, artfully, beautifully done by Rev. Karen Mak was a part of their Hawaii wedding packages. A Wedding vow renewal in Hawaii to be remembered forever by the whole family. Many photographs were taken with family portrait, bridal portrait, bride-groom portrait, the entire wedding ceremony and of course on the vast sandy shores of Kahala Beach. Weddings in Hawaii, best of all,  Oahu wedding vow renewals are so precious. It is forever Hawaii.



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