Weddings in Hawaii

Beautiful life together begins with weddings in Hawaii on serene beaches like Kahala beach and Magic Island in the island of Oahu. The memories of that special day lives forever with beautiful photos to share always. Even with the growth of a family, together  you will share the beginning of life together. On Jan. 16. 2015 Klara Kopecka and Premysl (Peter) Placek began their journey of love at beautiful Magic Island. Rev. Michael Nelson who is one of the best ministers of weddings in Hawaii blessed them with the sounds from his conch shell.  With the beautiful blue ocean, sparkling white waves and the historical Diamond Head in the background, it was so special among so many weddings in Hawaii we have enjoyed at  The magic island magic blessed the reciting of their vows to each other. Beautiful rings were exchanged and like all weddings in Hawaii finalized with the exchange of pearly shell leis. They are now, happily the new Klara and Peter Placek. They will enjoy Hawaii’s outer island on their honeymoon and as they return to Las Vegas they will find beautiful photos of the wedding to enjoy.  Originally from the Czech Republic, Peter now works in Las Vegas.  Mahalo and may this begin your life of love and family. Weddings in Hawaii is such a delight for us

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