Weddings in Hawaii

Weddings in Hawaii and vow renewals are very popular during the summer months. Couples who are stationed in Hawaii serving our country, often take this time to enjoy having their weddings in Hawaii. Taking advantage of the weather with less rain, a beautiful beach wedding during the summer months is perfect.  The weather is good all year round, but best in the summer. Keisha Morgan and Marisa Cuellar chose June 20, 2015 to unite in marriage to be part of the many weddings in Hawaii Ohana  They chose to have a package coverage of a minister, limousine service with champagne , singer/guitar, video,, a french bouquet, couple of leis, and a unity sand ceremony.  Their twenty some friends and guest arrived early to set up chairs on the sands of Waialae Beach Park. Most weddings in Hawaii do not need chairs being that the groups are smaller and the ceremonies are short. To hire a professional to set up arch/chairs may be costly.  The celebration has begun, here comes the limo greeted by music and singing by Tino, camera crew capturing their arrival. Greeting the bridal couple, Rev. Karen Mak,  Keisha and Marisa make a handsome couple. A beautiful white french bouquet was presented to Marisa and a matching boutonnier for Keisha.  Rev. Mak gives some instructions before beginning the ceremony.  All rise as Guitar and singing by Tino begins as Keisha and Marisa walk up the aisle meeting Rev. Mak at the altar.  The Hawaiian wedding song for weddings in Hawaii always is the opening song. (Unless otherwise requested).  Such bright smiles as they absorbed the beautiful singing by Tino.  Rev. Mak greets everyone with Aloha.  Beautiful and intimate wedding vows were exchanged, a reading by the bride’s maid, the blessing of the rings,circles with no end  The beautiful rings were exchanged with joy. To begin their unity of life, a sand ceremony to mingle their lives together were symbolized. The traditional lei exchange of weddings in Hawaii with kisses on each cheek.  A song was dedicated to the couple to congratulate them in honor of weddings in Hawaii. Pronounced husband and wife, they are the new Keisha and Marisa. Cheers from their wonderful friends. The ceremony concluded with many pictures being taken and a video love story to remember such beautiful weddings in Hawaii. A limousine ride with champagne to the Hale Koa hotel to celebrate. Thank you so much for sharing your day with us. Thank you for serving our country.  Aloha from

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