Weddings in Hawaii

Hawaii wedding packages are fun to choose from for any weddings in Hawaii. It can be a simple minister only, to whatever you desire. Most wedding planners will help you tweak your package to your desire, with substitutions. Weddings in Hawaii are very affordable compared to weddings at home. The biggest cost for weddings in Hawaii is mainly your airfare and hotel, the cost for the wedding is minimal for the memorable experience you will keep forever.  Ann and Hoi Fong of New York chose a Hawaii wedding Package called the “Big Fat Hawaiian Package” for their Nov. 24, 2015 wedding at Waimanalo Beach. We had some fun with the package name and tweaking stuff in the package. Ann and Hoi ended up with a perfect weddings in Hawaii dream. Ann started the day with hair/make up, beautiful with a gown that made her a perfect princess. With the anticipation of all weddings of Hawaii, Ann felt a little ill. The two limousines, the long ride to Waimanalo, they arrived with their wedding party and relatives. After a while Ann felt much better. They were greeted with Aloha with guitar and singing, photo/film crew in grand style.  For Ann a beautiful dark pink/red/white deluxe cascade bouquet, For the beautiful maids in maroon dresses, white and pink french bouquet. Matching boutennire for the guys. Rose petals for the petty flower gal. For weddings in Hawaii, usually leis are exchanged after the ceremony as a gift of Aloha. In this package we offered them white double orchid lei for Ann and aromatic Maile lei for Hoi.  Presenting the beautiful Hawaiian ceremony of  Rev. Michael Nelson.  Many weddings in Hawaii has Rev. Mike’s memorable ceremony to cherish. Beginning with the sound of conch shell, music by Baron as the wedding party strolled down the aisle. Flower petals, bride escorted by her father.  Dad presents bride to groom. Wedding songs ends, a welcome Aloha message from Rev. Mike to the guests. Most of all congratulations to Ann and Hoi, in choosing weddings in Hawaii for their memorable day. The wedding vows were beautiful as they stood looking into each others eyes. Uniting two lives together, the unity sand ceremony was enjoyed. Rings, gorgeous choices, some loving words to each other in private.  For weddings in Hawaii there is a must of exchanging the gift of love, floral leis.  Double white lei for Ann, maile lei for Hoi. A beautiful sight announcing Ann Dich  and Hoi Fong as the new Ann an Hoi Fong. Beautiful Hawaiian wedding, thanking Beautiful Waimanalo , a weddings in Hawaii beach location. The enjoyment of your photos and memories documented in life by video story. Thank you so much for having us enjoy your day with you. Aloha from A wedding in Hawaii.

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