Weddings in Hawaii, Oahu

Happy Aloha Friday! Aug 17, 2012. Christina Rose and Kurt Bell, from Montgomery, Texas are vacationing on Oahu. They decided to have a intimate “Hawaiian wedding ceremony” at Waialae Beach, before getting married officially in Texas. Christina, beautiful in a yellow aloha dress, Kurt in white shirt with Khaki shorts were greeted by Rev Mike Nelson. Christina pinned Kurt’s boutonnier and gave him his maile lei with lots of kisses. A beautiful cascade bouquet with purple/pink orchids, large dark pink roses; the accent of tiny baby roses….was presented to Christina. What a lovely couple. With turquoise waters, white gentle waves near the sandy beach, it was a quiet and beautiful ceremony by the Rev. Mike Nelson. Many beautiful photo images were taken. They have a full schedule planned for the next few days..snorkeling at Hanauma Bay, luau on our west side, doing other ocean activities, driving to the North shores, etc. Have fun, guys! it was great meeting you. Thanks so much, hope you enjoy all your photo images. Aloha!

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